1. This cutie candle would be great for any season.

2. A cozy plaid scarf to dress up or down, no matter the weather (right Chicago?)

3. A desk calendar for the new year—to add color to my desk and keep my appointments.

4. This hedgehog doormat to spice up the new patio this spring.

5. This fox print makeup case from Lady Alamo to give whimsy and color to my morning routine. 

What are you dreaming of this holiday gift season?

Holiday Craft Shows: Part Two

In the beginning of December, I wrapped up the craft show season with my favorite show, Renegade. Jammed into the beautiful Bridgeport Art Center's 1st and 5th floors, the fair had a cozy and inviting feeling to it. I was on the first floor, and once again was placed next to the nicest makers. We (literally) were sandwiched next to one another and saw the crowd roll in right on the 11am dot. It was busy both days, which I always favor. 

I did sneak away for a few minutes on Sunday to see what others had to offer and met some great makers. I love this market because of the variety of items—it made it so easy to get a handful of Christmas and personal shopping done. I snagged a beautiful necklace from Made by Maru that now is a staple piece in my jewelry collection, bought part of my GoodyGoodyGift Swap gift from Lady Alamo, and snagged these poster frames for my new office. 

It was a great weekend to end the year with—it was so great to have so many friends stop by, meet new people, and (my favorite part) getting to glimpse one of my celeb-crushes, Sophie Bush, as she wandered by my booth. Can't wait to see what 2016 holds!

2015-12-06 11.06.04.jpg

Welcome Christmas Time!

If there is a time I love more than birthday's (especially mine) it is the Christmas season! For me shopping is fun, but getting to shop for others is even better! Here are three of my favorite ways you can spread the holiday season this year:

1. Goody Goody Gift Swap

Crafters and Bloggers and cute presents — oh my! This swap allows anyone interested to sign up and then be paired up with another interested gifter to create, gather, paint, construct or shop for a thoughtful gift for them! This is so fun to see what you will get - who knows, you might even be paired up with someone from across the world!

2. World Vision Gift Catalog

World Vision has had a special place in my heart for  a long time now, and what I have loved every Christmas season is when their Gift Catalogue comes in the mail. You can choose a gift or gifts for people around the world to be blessed with this Christmas —including ducks, goats, cows and even clean water. Pick something out with your family, or gift a few chickens in a friends name, either way this is a gift that can't go wrong. 

3. Operation Christmas Child

Another great way to get multiple people involved is Operation Christmas by Samaritans Purse. Grab a few friends and head to Target or Walmart and fill a shoe box with gifts and life necessities for a child in need. Don;t forget to write a note and send a picture - this could be a fun way to have a pen pal! Feel like you don't have time to shop for all the items, let Samaritans Purse do it for you by building a shoe box online here.

Don't forget that today is #GivingTuesday!  Now that Black Friday has past and Cyber Monday is gone, find the charity or company of your choice and refocus on the holiday spirit of giving by donating today. Not sure where to give—check out the site for a list of companies or head to your favorite charities site to give.

Let the Christmas Season begin!

Holiday Photo Cards from Lina Lulu Paperie!


It’s that time for decorating the tree, decking the halls, catching snowflakes on your tongue and eyelashes, and mailing out holiday cards! It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of the holiday season, but there is a richness in sitting down with the right holiday tunes playing and a good cup of something hot near hand to write to loved ones, a holiday tradition that I look forward to every year. I know not everyone has time to write, so why not consider a fun, photo card to send holiday cheer to those you love?

New to the shop, I have created six different versions of the photo cards, all which are customized with your family's photo and say what you need to send your holiday cheer! All versions are available in my Etsy shop now. Order yours today!

Life Lately in Pictures

I haven't had my iPhone long, but it has become a necessary tool in my daily design work. It is fun to to go back through and see the small fragments of memories captured in everyday pictures


With Christmas and the New Year approaching quickly, there has been a lot of gift wrapping, snow shoveling, and ever increasing more work on projects for my Etsy shop (coming 2014!) I'm thankful for these small blinks of life captured, and they make me excited to share with you what is to come

A different Kinda' Christmas Tree


The thought came across my mind that maybe this year we wouldn't have get a tree - and then it immediately vanished out of my mind. Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas without the glow of the lights between the branches of the evergreen ( real or fake) and the nostalgia of hanging up ornaments collected from years gone by. Though I'm a traditionalist (this year), I love the idea of the unconventional Christmas tree and the fun way it could add to the decor of the Christmas season. Check out some of these unconventional trees:

-  A lovely gathering of flora and fauna, this tree would be a fun Saturday morning craft

- I love the vintage tinsel, white Christmas trees - and how this one is decorated in golden hues, so fun!

- If you don't have room for a real Christmas tree, this fun string alternative tree would be great for any office cubicle or dorm room

- I've never seen a better looking brown tree; how great is this wooden beauty! The gorgeous white ornaments really makes it pop!

- If you seem to not have space for a tree - this flat, wooden tree allows you to still have the warm glow of the tree in a space saving way.


Advent: Joy


In the third week of advent, the theme is "Rejoice" or "Joy" . The spirit of joy  comes from the words of Paul, “The Lord is near.”  This joyful spirit is marked by the third candle of our Advent wreath, which is typically rose colored.  One moves through this week feeling a part of the waiting world that rejoices because our longing has prepared us to believe the reign of God is close and reminds us that Christmas is only a week away

Moodboard: Christmas Wish List


This year I found myself not exactly knowing what to answer when family and friends asked "What do you want for Christmas?" I tried to prepare a list through out the year of things that I truly wanted - now out of school and grown, I feel the same anticipation for the Christmas season, but not as much for the Christmas presents. Nonetheless, these beautiful treasures caught my eye in traveling. Isn't that coat the loveliest? SO here are seven things I wouldn't mind finding under the tree this year:

1. Ampersand Necklace - so delicate and understated, who can resist a great ampersand?

2. Socialite Bow Detail Coat -  the buttons and the cute collar detail would make this coat a perfect compliment to any date night or a holiday  outfit.

3. Victorian Whale Bookends - the perfect whimsical addition to any bookcase, or office cubicle!

4. Oblique Calligraphy Starter Kit - With a growing love for calligraphy, this starter kit is a great way to continue to grow and learn in the beautiful art!

5. Pillows - these fun throw pillows would add a great touch of color to any room!

6. Darling Magazine - This unique quarterly magazine continues to produce amazing articles and beautiful imagery - a must read, and not a bad coffee table display!

7. Back Up iPhone 5 charger - Any girl on the go would love this handy back up if her battery were low, I know I would love one!