A different Kinda' Christmas Tree


The thought came across my mind that maybe this year we wouldn't have get a tree - and then it immediately vanished out of my mind. Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas without the glow of the lights between the branches of the evergreen ( real or fake) and the nostalgia of hanging up ornaments collected from years gone by. Though I'm a traditionalist (this year), I love the idea of the unconventional Christmas tree and the fun way it could add to the decor of the Christmas season. Check out some of these unconventional trees:

-  A lovely gathering of flora and fauna, this tree would be a fun Saturday morning craft

- I love the vintage tinsel, white Christmas trees - and how this one is decorated in golden hues, so fun!

- If you don't have room for a real Christmas tree, this fun string alternative tree would be great for any office cubicle or dorm room

- I've never seen a better looking brown tree; how great is this wooden beauty! The gorgeous white ornaments really makes it pop!

- If you seem to not have space for a tree - this flat, wooden tree allows you to still have the warm glow of the tree in a space saving way.