Holiday Renegade

This weekend is my last craft show of 2015 and I wouldn't want the year to end any other way than with Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago! Join me this Saturday and Sunday at the Bridgeport Art Center from 11am -6pm to get some great holiday goodies and gifts checked off your list! 

I'm booth #7 on the first floor so make sure to stop by and say hi! Also check out my friend Jessica's booth, J. Renee Illustration, on the 5th floor. Can't wait to see you all there!

Portfolio: Hand Done Type

A few friends recently put together a weekly, collaborative type challenge called Type Club 2014. They passed the link on to a handful of creatives they know, and the results have been really beautiful to see.

The premise: Each week a new quote is posted. You can interpret this quote any way you like, using any medium you like. There is a time "constraint" of one week. This "constraint" creates a deadline and a push for you to share the "final" piece with everyone else with out belaboring your work through social media.

It's a great exercise, and fun to see the interpretations and beautiful design from everyone.

Original art by Caroline Hutchison for Linalulu Paperie

Original art by Caroline Hutchison for Linalulu Paperie


Living in the Midwest my entire life you would think that when winter came I would be well equipped to face the cold. Thankfully, lots of hot tea and cocoa have kept me sane and warm through this unusually cold season. It doesn't hurt either when they are served in a pretty or eye catching mug! Do you have a go-to mug or desiring to find a new favorite?

Here are a few I would love to ad to my ever growing collection:
1. Fox  2.Handwritten  3. Monogram 4. Tree 5. Owl 6. Orange 7. Heart 8. Geometric

Life Lately in Pictures

I haven't had my iPhone long, but it has become a necessary tool in my daily design work. It is fun to to go back through and see the small fragments of memories captured in everyday pictures


With Christmas and the New Year approaching quickly, there has been a lot of gift wrapping, snow shoveling, and ever increasing more work on projects for my Etsy shop (coming 2014!) I'm thankful for these small blinks of life captured, and they make me excited to share with you what is to come

Sketches and Suprises: B is for Beauty

I have the amazing privileged to work along side a talented group of designers at my full time job. They constantly are introducing trends, smarter design solutions, pushing one another to create stunning design solutions.  

One of those instances is what the team calls Infused Inspiration Fridays: Challenges.

Started by a small pool of our design team, about a handful of us on the team gather and execute a predetermined design challenge once a month on Friday afternoon. Someone on the team creates a "challenge", in which we are given a set of guide lines, and a set time limit. The challenges have ranged so far from creating a pattern inspired by fall decor to creating a music album cover with only a set of words and images.

This past week our challenge was to use one image and the word "beauty" to create something that we believed represented beauty.


My interpretation of our teams Infused Inspiration Friday Challenge - read below to see the guidelines!

My interpretation of our teams Infused Inspiration Friday Challenge - read below to see the guidelines!

Here is an example of the rules: 

 1. Download assets. Link sent in email.
2. Create your interpretation of “beauty” only using:
—the word “beauty”   — this image
3. You have the one image and one word. In addition you can use any color, any font, any size, any medium (on or off the computer), and anything you can create using the word “beauty” and this image.
4. You CANNOT add any other images or textures. 
5. Your final piece must use this image and have the word “beauty” written somewhere on it.
6. You have 25 minutes to design and print your piece.
7. Present your piece to the team at the round table.
8. Have fun! 

Each time it is incredible to see not only what myself and my teammates produced in a short time, but how wide of a range of thoughts and talents are represented in this fun exercise.