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Trending Wedding Colors: Fall 2019


Clockwise from top: Table Top | Tent, Katie Stoops Photography | Bridesmaids | Arch Way | Lina Lulu Paperie Poppy Suite| Florals

Back in 2012 as I was planning for my own Fall wedding later that year and I made the choice that my main wedding color would be burnt orange. This color was near to impossible to find for my bridesmaids at the time and we came to a close second with a deep tangerine dress from Anthropolgie. Friends thought it was silly and a little crazy that we would choose orange as our “main” wedding color, as it wasn’t the norm, but I loved it—and am over the moon that it is coming to it’s own popularity in the wedding scene this Fall.

The trend of Fall weddings with subdue and organic color palettes are not only beautiful but (in my opinion) also timeless. The above mood board was created from the trends of burnt orange and dusty pinks that you see in my very own Poppy invitation suite. How can you go wrong with soft pinks, gorgeous greenery and pops of natural colors ? The wild, organic mood that florals, table decor and flowing dresses can create with these colors in mind is a elegant but casual event just too dreamy for words.

If I were to get married today, I think little would change in our planning and venue, but options for our color palette would be abundant. I often find myself saying “where was that when I got married?” ( especially those burnt orange bridesmaid dresses). That is what I love about this industry though—trends come and go, but the timeless elements seem to be a beautiful base for couples to paint their dream day on—whatever color they choose.

Pattern Play

I have been loving the patterns popping up on my Pinterest lately. From fun food patterns to illustrated gems, they seem to be all that I have been pinning. I especially have been loving the floral and geometric gems. I grabbed  a few of my favorite to create this mood board. What have you been pinning lately?


Patterns (TOP to BOTTOM) : 1 & 2 | 3 & 4 | 5 & 6

Interesting Pinteresting: Ampersand


First Column : 1 /2  Second Column: 3 / 4 / 5 Third Column: 6 / 7 / 8 /

I can't resist a beautiful ampersand. I have a small collection now that you can spot around both my work desk and apartment. You can also see a few in my shop. There are so many more out there, I wish I could share them all with you! 

Here are a few more of my favorite unexpected ampersands:

The ampersand can be tracked all the to the first century AD. It was originally a ligature of the letters E and T (“et” is Latin for and). You are still  able to see the E and T separately in some of the modern ampersand. Read more on the ampersand here and here.

Moodboard: Valentines Day


I’m nuts about flowers, and with Valentines Day tomorrow I thought I put together a little collection of some of my latest Pinterest finds for you about the days most poplar gifts. I can't get over the paint shaped chocolates by Nendo or those red poppies! Which is your favorite? I know, it's hard to choose...

Romantic Flowers & Chocolates | Playful Flowers & Chocolates | Whimsical Flowers & Chocolates | Bohemian Flowers & Chocolates | Traditional Flowers & Chocolates



Living in the Midwest my entire life you would think that when winter came I would be well equipped to face the cold. Thankfully, lots of hot tea and cocoa have kept me sane and warm through this unusually cold season. It doesn't hurt either when they are served in a pretty or eye catching mug! Do you have a go-to mug or desiring to find a new favorite?

Here are a few I would love to ad to my ever growing collection:
1. Fox  2.Handwritten  3. Monogram 4. Tree 5. Owl 6. Orange 7. Heart 8. Geometric

Interesting Pinteresting : Office Space


I currently have two (small) office spaces - one at my full-time job and a personal one at home - that I recently started to decorate. I love the shape and size of each - but when it comes to decorations, it's a mess of odds and ends,  pictures, and electrical cords. Naturally, I took to  Pinterest to see the options and creativity of other offices out there. I love the pops of colors in the unexpected places like lamps and flower pots against the clean environments of neutral wall colors. It's given me a lot of inspiration for my own spaces! Check out more office space on my  Office Pinterest board.

Row 1 ( 1, 2, 3, ) Row 2 ( 1, 2, 3 ) Row 3 ( 1, 2, 3 )

Interesting Pinteresting: Doors


Though I am not a home owner yet, I love the idea of one day having a pop of color on my front door, don't you? I have been adoring these fun colors, and beautiful statement doors that have been popping up on my Pinterest home page lately. Doors are an easy fix to change the color or style with, as the real estate is small and doable in a few hours. I keep dreaming if I could paint my apartment door, what color would it be?


Clockwise: Garden, Teal/White, Pink, Lime Green, Circle, Royal Blue, Green, Slim Teal, Yellow



Interesting Pinteresting: Jessica Senti


I recently came across this lovely blog, Serendipitous Things, by Jessica Senti as I was looking for a new background for my desktop.  A sweet space  created for her creative endeavors, Jessica's style is whimsical and colorful - and it is reflected in her collection of Pinterest boards.

Check out her beautiful desktop backgrounds here