Color Companions

Color Companion: Color of the Year 2016

PANTONE announced it's traditional color of the year a few weeks back and surprised us all with the beautiful color combo of Rose Quartz and Serenity. I loved seeing these soft and versatile colors come splashing on to the scene. Just imagine how they will add to the minimalistic color scheme of neutrals for both homes and wardrobes—plus they will be great companions to 2015 Color of the Year Marsala. Can one hope that bright colors might be back in fashion with in a year or two due to this pick? This girl sure hopes so.

Color Companion : Spring Florals, Anthropologie

Flowers are great any time of the year and Springtime is their time to shine! I love the variety and stylization that floral prints take on. I couldn't narrow it down to  one type (because I love SO many!), I decide to narrow it down to one company. Anthropologie is dreamy unto itself, but then you add all the floral's and BOOM - a slice of paradise. I especially am excited for the Paper Crown & Rifle Paper Company collaboration line ( lower bottom left).

I love the variety of florals they always have in store. From their clothes to their home goods, everything looks good with a little floral splash - am I right?  How do you use florals?  Are they everywhere or do you limit them to just clothes?

Clockwise: Chair | Wallpaper | Bedspread | Dress

Color Companion: Marsala

Recently I have been seeing this deep wine, almost brown color in a variety of mediums - clothes, flowers, home goods, ect. Who knew that the actual color name was Marsala?

Regardless the name and the slight variations I have seen, I think the color is lovely. If you are not sure what to pair this rich color with, Pantone has given us a quick guide of a variety of colors that will complement Marsala, including a few of my favorites : Calypso Coral, Cress Green, and Marina. What do you think of 2015 color of the year?

Color Companions: Olive & Orange


I love how fall blends the last of the summer greens into its swirling heat of colors such as red, plum, and especially orange. Fall in the Midwest is a time for strong golden hues, apple picking, and pumpkin carving. Just mention October and pumpkins seem to pop out of the ground, ripe and ready to be jack-o-lanterns. Green and orange among the ripened trees and floating leaves seem to abound, creating a perfect pair to bring us into the crispness of the Fall season.

Clockwise: Wood Pumpkins | Dahlias | Olive pants & Pumps | Kettle

Color Companions: Summer Neutrals

August is already here - how did that happen? I love this month, especially in the Midwest. The mornings are a cool preview of the fall weather to come, but the days seem hazy and dreamy with soft sunshine, and warm (sometimes blistering hot) days. With the old adage of not wearing white after Labor day, these dreamy August days are perfect for fitting summer neutrals and floral in every part of your life.

Clockwise: Plates | Botanical Prints | Pitcher | Cardigan


Color Companions: Spring Greens

This post may be a few days late, as June is almost here and we (finally) have a heat wave here in the Midwest. I'm loving the sunshine and the beautiful outdoors! Never the less, you can't go wrong with a beautiful green and white combo!

This stunning dress | This simple but attractive wall art | This inspiring flower arrangement | This elegant, but casual top

Color Companions: Spring Blues

It's a wet introduction to April here in Chicago, but at least it's not snowing, right? With the absence of Spring greens and abundance of moody skies, I have a found a particular beauty in the different blues peaking out of the clouds these days.

Clockwise: Room | Lettering | Beach Blanket | Painting

Color Companions: Yellow and Orange


I took a recent trip to Florida to celebrate a dear friend and her now husband for a fun and relaxing wedding weekend. Coming back to the snowy Midwest made me long for the sunny colors of Florida to appear again both outside and in my wardrobe. Which colors better represent such a colorful state than a dreamy orange and a bright, sunny yellow? I can't wait to add these small pops of color in my wardrobe this spring. Till Spring arrives, I'll keep seeking out this bright and fun colors!

Clockwise: Flowers | Blanket | Pillows | Top

Color Companions: Pink and White


The color combination of white and pink have long been the more youthful pair associated with Valentines Day. Typically associated with loud, overly feminine brands and barbie dolls, I viewed pink as a color for little girls. Lately, with the recent surge of softer pinks - such as rose, blush, and even coral - I have found the color hard to stay away from.

When paired with a soft white or a sultry creme, pink instantly becomes more mature and relatable in the grown-up world while still retaining its whimsical, girlish self.

Color Companions: Spring Colors 2014


Looking for inspiration, I strolled into West Elm this weekend. Now, I have received catalogs for West Elm for a few years, but a catalog can not do these beautiful pieces justice like the real life store can! The open show room displayed the modern lines of the furniture and accessories perfectly. I could see each space being in my future home! The store also boasted West Elm's signature "living" wall display  (Top right picture). I just swooned over the lush green back drop.

I was most impressed by the cheerful and sensational color pallet displayed for the 2014 Spring season. ( Is it too soon to be thinking about spring admits these chilly winter days? I don't think so) Among the popular choices:  Raindrop Blue, Tanager Red, Proper Grey, Parakeet Green, and Lemon Twist Yellow. These cheery color combinations popped against the lovely patterns scattered on kitchen goods and home linens alike. Instant inspiration! Among my favorites on display were the mid-century printed bowls, Hive vases, and basically all their lovely pillows.  I snagged my own piece of inspirations with this adorable ceramic plant holder and succulent.

Check out more upcoming color inspiration for Spring & Summer 2014 by Sherwin Williams for West Elm here.




Color Companions: Radiant Orchid


Pantone announced their color of the year 2014 this last week, and it is the beautiful Radiant Orchid. In honor of this fabulous color, I have found some beautiful examples  used in a range of everyday life. Here is to a beautiful "year of confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination.(Pantone Website) "

Left to Right: Letter A, Dress, Paint Colors, Drink Glasses

Color Companion: Black and Gold


Now that the Turkey has been served, and the glow of Thanksgiving has settled into ushering in the warmth of winter, the Christmas season has begun! I have had a fond love for gold for quite sometime, and with all the twinkling lights around this time of year, the gold always seems more magical. Two classy colors themselves, black and gold make a beautiful, unconventional pairing for the holidays - even if it just a is a small splash of the two in your ensemble or on your table.

Clockwise: Mirabelle Top, Beeswax Candles, Geometric Coasters, Table Decor

Color Companion: Brown & Orange


Being the week of Thanksgiving, I find that with the fall, the warm colors are everywhere! Orange being the strongest of the warm colors, showcasing itself in the holidays from Halloween to trading in it's shocking companion, black, to be a softer companion to brown, red, and yellow alike. I have never openly admitted to loving the color orange, but somehow it always stays on  my color radar, and I love it most as it dances on the trees in the fall. It reminds me to be thankful for the sweet warmth of summer that is passing, and the cool time of winter that once again will bring a full blushing springtime. As Thanksgiving draws near, what are you thankful for most?


Find this beautiful Calligraphy print by Lindsay Letters,

See how to arrange a great Thanksgiving day table of  Flowers from BHG,

A Guide to Take Thanksgiving Meal by Kate Wolfson,

A little Thanksgiving table Decoration Inspiration

For decor inspiration check out this article here:

Color Companions: Black and Orange


I have never loved Halloween as a holiday, but I do love that season and colors that surround it. In lieu of the spooky holiday coming upon us in a few days, I couldn't help but post these color companion. I have a sweet spot for orange in my life - but not the orange cone or hunting orange. Rather, I like oranges on the extremes of the spectrum, the muted and almost peach looking oranges and then the rustic burnt oranges.

Orange was the base color in my wedding, and I have been pleased with the variations of this color that have been popping up in not only fashion, but home goods, and prints more and more.  With the fall and Halloween season going on, I love seeing the bold color combo of black and orange, and the variations with the shades these two color lend.

Clockwise:  WedgesHand-Lettering, Pattern, Pumpkins

Color Companions: Brown & Red

The richness of the mid-fall changing of the leaves doesn't come every year, but when it does it stops you in your tracks. All those leaves creating a blaze with the mix of oranges, yellows, and reds. Makes you want to grab a sweater!   That is definitely a top reason I love the transition from summer to fall - chunky sweaters to wrap you up in front of bonfires, and that great deep, red wine color you can add to deepen and soften your fall  decore of pumpkin orange and mum yellow.     Clockwise:  Sweater  ,  Type Poster ,  Berries , and  Rug        

The richness of the mid-fall changing of the leaves doesn't come every year, but when it does it stops you in your tracks. All those leaves creating a blaze with the mix of oranges, yellows, and reds. Makes you want to grab a sweater!

That is definitely a top reason I love the transition from summer to fall - chunky sweaters to wrap you up in front of bonfires, and that great deep, red wine color you can add to deepen and soften your fall decore of pumpkin orange and mum yellow.

Clockwise: Sweater , Type Poster, Berries, and Rug



Color Companions: Blue & Green


With the changing of summer into fall, and the mixed weather we have been having in the Midwest, I've been inspired by the bold swatches of summer's fresh green that is clinging on to the leaves and grass under the cool  grey blue that is the fall early evening sky.

Makes for a lovely combo. 

Clockwise: Quote  by Zyanya Lorenzo ; Japanese Paper ( JAGAT ) ; Photo Inspired by Farm Wedding, Once Wed ; Chuncky Necklace ( LE CATCH BLOG )