Moodboard: Christmas Wish List


This year I found myself not exactly knowing what to answer when family and friends asked "What do you want for Christmas?" I tried to prepare a list through out the year of things that I truly wanted - now out of school and grown, I feel the same anticipation for the Christmas season, but not as much for the Christmas presents. Nonetheless, these beautiful treasures caught my eye in traveling. Isn't that coat the loveliest? SO here are seven things I wouldn't mind finding under the tree this year:

1. Ampersand Necklace - so delicate and understated, who can resist a great ampersand?

2. Socialite Bow Detail Coat -  the buttons and the cute collar detail would make this coat a perfect compliment to any date night or a holiday  outfit.

3. Victorian Whale Bookends - the perfect whimsical addition to any bookcase, or office cubicle!

4. Oblique Calligraphy Starter Kit - With a growing love for calligraphy, this starter kit is a great way to continue to grow and learn in the beautiful art!

5. Pillows - these fun throw pillows would add a great touch of color to any room!

6. Darling Magazine - This unique quarterly magazine continues to produce amazing articles and beautiful imagery - a must read, and not a bad coffee table display!

7. Back Up iPhone 5 charger - Any girl on the go would love this handy back up if her battery were low, I know I would love one!