Color Companions: Black and Orange


I have never loved Halloween as a holiday, but I do love that season and colors that surround it. In lieu of the spooky holiday coming upon us in a few days, I couldn't help but post these color companion. I have a sweet spot for orange in my life - but not the orange cone or hunting orange. Rather, I like oranges on the extremes of the spectrum, the muted and almost peach looking oranges and then the rustic burnt oranges.

Orange was the base color in my wedding, and I have been pleased with the variations of this color that have been popping up in not only fashion, but home goods, and prints more and more.  With the fall and Halloween season going on, I love seeing the bold color combo of black and orange, and the variations with the shades these two color lend.

Clockwise:  WedgesHand-Lettering, Pattern, Pumpkins