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Though the snow today was not a totally unwelcomed (cold) surprise in Chicago, it feels as if it is officially been proclaimed winter! With later months come Thanksgiving, and of course the season of Christmas. I know it is somewhat scandalous to think about Christmas before the Thanksgiving turkey is even plucked for the table, but it is with snow that the warm feelings of Christmas and winter come sweeping in to my mind – and of course designing our Christmas/Holiday card! I pulled some photos I have seen that remind me of how Christmas season past have felt and looked like for me, and what I want to convey in our card this year. (Plus, how cute is that snow covered fox!) The large snowflakes, the cozy lights and coco, and the steady stream of red from decorations to car lights on their way to and fro. And how about that great typeface, Frosted by Molly Jaques. It felt like a perfect cherry on top to start thinking about this years holiday season.