Update: 100 Day Project

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.40.55 AM.png

To be honest I have fallen deeply behind on my 100 Day Project (Yikes!). I loved the first two weeks of drawing and setting aside the time for just Myrtle and me. Then this busy season came blowing in. Myrtle has successfully been to the zoo, and her adventure was so fun to dream and scheme. I know that this wasn't meant to be overwhelming or should be - rather to help build habits and be apart of the creative community at large.

I have loved viewing others project, and seeing the creativity of people in this world. Some amazing work out there! Have you looked through the #the100dayproject Seeing others work encourages me and inspires me to pick up where I left off and to continue on, instead of watching it steadily drift away and say, "Oh yea, I was doing that...".  I hope in a month I will report where Myrtle has been - no, I will report on it (how's that for confidence?).

Anywhere you would like to see Myrtle go?