Four Years Strong, Two Years Binding

art by Caroline Hutchison for LInalulu Paperie

art by Caroline Hutchison for LInalulu Paperie

When I met my husband formally for the first time my sophomore year of college, frankly, I couldn't remember his name (oops!). The things I do remember from that meeting was how kind and easy his dimpled smile was, and how even though the only thing he said to me was a formal greeting and introduction, he lingered in my thoughts for far longer than I would have liked to admit at the time.

The above pictures are the first photos we took together. We weren't even dating yet - but I had no hesitation saying yes to be his date to an outing with his dorm floor.  I love those photos. I love that I instantly felt at ease with him. Four years later I still feel that instant ease when we are together. We have had four strong years of memories, growth, chats, fights, laughter, and unimaginable surprises.

He set my life swirling. I was swept away in his big dreaming, ridiculous scheming, and goofy personality. I have been married to this man for two years - two stretching, fast-moving, wonder-filled years full of ups and downs and more running than I could imagine. In our ever changing life, I found I have a constant and comfort in his steady love - a love I know he has mimicked and learned from our Father and Lord.

Happy Anniversary Reid.