September & Such

by Caroline Hutchison for Lina Lulu Paperie

by Caroline Hutchison for Lina Lulu Paperie

For many, September marks the end - the end of Summer, the end of warmth, and the end of carefree schedule. When growing up it meant the start of school, new pens and pencils, volleyball season, and homework.  In high school it meant homecoming float building, bonfires, and figuring out how I would balance class and social life. In college it meant the reuniting with sweet friends, returning to an actual art studio, and getting to participate in all the new school year rituals while watching the Freshmen navigate what I knew to be so familiar.

Now, a few years out of school, September holds a new meaning of promise. September now marks a new beginning. It marks when I first met my husband. It holds the day we married. It marks our "new year" together.

This September in particular has so many things I'm looking forward to. A handful of trips, our two year wedding anniversary, and the unspoken promise of a sweet season ahead.

September, I'm glad you are here.