Links to Love: July, vol. 4

In honor of  National Geographic 125th anniversary, last year N.G. released Found, a curated collection of photography from their archives.  It is a beautiful completion of photos showing an every day perspective through the lat century and a quarter.

Have you seen this stunning short, Duet, by Glen Keane? It took my breath away the first time. An animator for Disney for over 38 years, he wanted to draw again- and this is the final result. Here is also a short video about the making of Duet.

The typography for Rio Olympic 2016 games is so full of life - and no wonder, the beautiful type was based off of the vibrant city of Rio, as well as the movements of the athletes themselves.

DesignStudio has helped Airbnb launch a new logo, and a new way of looking at this great service. Check out more of both here.

I'm in love with this space! Designer and renovator, Sarah Brown does a great job mixing sultry blues, crisp blacks and whites, and a handful of colors to create a relaxing apartment.

Some cool ideas for a designer on the go - I really love that dopp kit for designers. Would be a great addition to clean up any carry on.