Links to Love

sketch by Linalulu Paperie

sketch by Linalulu Paperie

I'm desperately desiring spring  - but for now I will have to just dream and draw the beautiful green plants and bright flowers that will come.

Beautiful portraits of New York City by Anne Street Studio. Makes me want to go even more to see the city that never sleeps.

With new babies in my life by both friends and family, I cam across these sweet little shoes that would look great on any one of the new little ladies we have welcomed to the world this past February. I wouldn't mind a pair myself, if only they came in my size.

Came across these beauties this week by Jessica Hische. How stunning is that gold lettering?

I love what Caroline Kelso of Made Vibrant had to say here. We do need each other.

 Anandamayi Arnold created these wonderful realistic crepe paper botanical creations. The colors are so lush, I thought they were real!

Have you seen this series yet with Jerry Seinfeld? Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a brilliant series with so many funny men and women. It will always brighten your day.

Finally, with my obsession with flowers (and a deep need for spring) - I was gaga over this post of editable flowers by Design Love Fest.