Last week I saw my late summer tan lines fade from my feet. The earth crescendoed with warmth for us here in Chicago-land (a sweet day of almost 72 degrees) allowing us to bid farewell to the mild fall. The leaves  brilliant in their colors and it almost seemed that the trees were showing off - trying to show one another up with who could have the most brilliant blaze. Captivating red to orange or sweet fade of green into yellow. As the warmth faded, it seemed not to go out with a fizzle but with a bang. We ushered October out, and our Indian summer, on Halloween with sleet and snow. The leaves are almost gone, November has come, and the clocks are set back an hour to let the darkness nestle in quicker. It seems that Fall is finally here – and so we’ll bust out our coats and heavy scarfs, wrap ourselves up in our favorite blankets and nestle into our homes on those blistery days.  It's the weather for thick sweaters, comforting flavors, and copious amounts of pie. Let's begin to cherish the sweetness of the seasons changing. Let’s fall back into fall.