I am so glad you are here! My name is Caroline and I am the hands and heart behind Lina Lulu Paperie.

Images by  Alex Heidner

Images by Alex Heidner

At a young age I found myself making cards, improving my handwriting, and desiring to make the letter themselves small pieces of art. Isn't it funny how our childhood hobbies never really leave us? My paper addiction and forever scribbling letters has only grown steadily through the years and now both are a full fledge passion I have the privilege to call my business. After I pursued my degree in Visual Art and Graphic Design I furthered my skills with formal calligraphy training. I continue to grow in my craft with classes, conferences and workshops when my schedule lends to it. When not in the studio, you can find me exploring the Chicago area with my husband, Reid and friends or at home enjoying a good TV show with our kitty-cat, Italics by our side.

I look forward to connecting with you !

To bring beauty and encouragement by elevating others stories’
through the art of letter forms and stationery .
— Lina Lulu Paperie, Mission Statement