Hello there!

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My name is Caroline Hutchison - lover of beautiful type and lovely design, and the girl behind Linalulu Paperie. With a great enjoyment for handwriting and personifying most any object that comes my way, Linalulu Paperie was born out of a sweet passion to continue to create with my hands and a desire to develop my craft further after graduating school.

Born, raised, and educated in the Midwest, much of Linalulu Paperie is inspired by the people and things around me. Whether it comes from nature, organic shapes, bold colors, scripture, or simple line drawings - I desire to produce lovely products for fine events to everyday hello's.

When not designing, I love spending time with my sweet husband- laughing, traveling, playing board games, and learning new things in this adventure of life. I'm thankful for the gifts and skill set that the Lord has instilled a passion in me for which I am eternally grateful for. I love hanging out with family and friends, learning to cook, and noting the inspiring things around  me - some of which I catalog on my blog to motivate me to continue to live a creative life.

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